Founded: 2001
Designer: Greg Norman
Type: Links

Opened for limited play in the summer of 2001, Doonbeg Golf Links opens for general play in 2002 and will quickly take its place among the great courses of the Irish southwest. Within the parish of Doonbeg in County Clare, the links land that remains untouched by time sits astride a rugged piece of Atlantic coastline and will soon rank with Ballybunion and Lahinch as one of the finest golf courses in Ireland. The rolling seaside dunes of Doonbeg were first identified by the founding fathers of Lahinch as having potential for a golf course, as early as 1892. The officers of the Scottish Black Watch Regiment had searched far and wide for the perfect coastal site and as legend has it, the dramatic links land of Doonbeg was their first choice. Lahinch was chosen due to transportation issues and rail services of the time and so was born Lahinch. Due to 19th century economics, Doonbeg would have to wait for another 100 years for its potential to be tapped.

Doonbeg Golf Links is the creation of Kiawah Resort Associates in association with Landmark International. They have presented legendary designer and twice Open Champion, Greg Norman with a true links site of soaring, grassy dunes rising almost 100 feet above the crashing shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. In much the same way that Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland and the Old Head Golf Links have burst onto the list of the world’s finest links courses, Doonbeg will soon be recognised as being in the same category.

Of the many lines written about Doonbeg Golf Links in the past and the countless words yet to be penned, there exists one simple verse written by an unknown author that best describes the scene: “You have heard in song and story of the beauties of all lands, Of their hills and dales and mountains, and their rivers, lakes and strands, But of all those wondrous places you can read of, hear and see, There are none of them to rival Old Doonbeg by the sea.” Such is what awaits you at Doonbeg Golf Links.

What our customers have to say...

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my friends. It was easily the best golf vacation I ever experienced.”

Tony Pappas, MA